Write a Review Wednesday: Goodnight Moon

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When Pop was born, one of our neighbors gave her a copy of Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon. When I would put Pop to bed and we would read together, this book would be oh so soothing as we ended a the day with a quiet story. When The Bee was born she was gifted with Pop’s copy; which we would read over and over.

Since working as a library chick, Goodnight Moon is a favorite for my infants and toddlers. Most of them are familiar with the story and they love hearing something they already know. Their parents also enjoy listening to the book (although I do think lots of parents, myself included, enjoy being read to) and it makes for good times.

Yesterday Abbe filmed me reading the book and my attempts at signing it. By no means am I claiming any expertise. I think signing is fun and I love it.

Thanks for watching!


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