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So, remember way back when I talked about Rachee Crochets? I’ve been hemming and hawing but now have some things in the works. More later but first let me chat about where my hooking habits have been. Lately I haven’t been crocheting much but with summer reading in full swing I have been taking a stab at changing that. I am behind; my summer reading program has been in effect for TWO days and I am still not finished that darn octopus. Tonight I swear my crochet goals are to actually get the head done. Despite purple yarn gracing several hooks, the head is still in various stages of complete. Just as soon as I begin the ball I find myself frogging it; I seem unable to count and crochet in the round at the same time.

I took it to the Google to look for more octopus (octopi?) patterns and found a tutorial for an Octavio. My nitpicky Rachee thing is that I don’t like the look of the legs but that is really OK. If I can get the head done then perhaps I’ll be more motivated to get the legs together.

Now, back to Rachee Crochets. Since I have been knitting (squares and box things but for my money that’s knitting baby!) I wanted to find something that didn’t sound/appear limiting. I also wanted a cool logo (I have a very talented artist helping me with that!). On Monday, July 9th I will make an offical announcement but I can tell you that I have volunteered to make items to donate to my social media group’s summer fling. 

Most of the moms in the group love the Doctor (Seuss, not Who)and I thought I would give this pattern I found on Pinterest from Micah Makes a whirl. It’s a hat and, well I loves me some hats!

I also wanted to make a light scarf, but really didn’t see anything that made me want to hook. A cowl was the next thing and I really like this pattern that I found on Moogly. It’s a bit heavier than I was thinking but it looks so elegant and fun to make. Who ever the lucky winner can save it for fall.

Stay tuned; July 3rd I will be making the official announcement. I’m excited and ready for some yarny goodness.

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