Write a Review Wednesday: Everything Goes on Land

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Trains, buses and cars oh my!
Everything Goes on Land is Brian Biggs’ new book about all things that go. Older readers will love the tribute to another favorite author, Richard Scarry’s Busy Book. Each page of Biggs’s book explode with colors and things to look at, activities and facts about vehicles of all types.

Parents may find the book very busy; I admit that I had difficulty focusing on just one thing on the pages but the preschooler and toddler that I shared the book with both loved it. They delighted in studying the pictures and pointing out things they recognized.

This book didn’t read well with a large group for me. I felt that it was enjoyed more with smaller groups so that the pictures could be appreciated and fully viewed.

If you’d like to check out a copy for yourself, visit your local library or check out Brian online at

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