Thoughtful Tuesdays: Holy pumpkin pie Batman! Thanksgiving is in two weeks!

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…and with that, the turkey is slid out of the oven, its baked brown skin crackling from the sudden cool air. The aroma from the spices dotted over the juicy dish fill the room and the family all take their places waiting for the meal to be served.

Confused? Feeling out of it?
Welcome to the club!
Usually around this time of year I get nervous. Money is (always) tight; there is so much to be done and check it, I tend to get overwhelmed. This year while I was temporarily shocked that turkey time is in TWO weeks, it was wiped away when I realized that I needed to plan for some programs at work.

Are you ready? I’m not but I feel oddly at peace with this statement. My house is (still) a mess, I haven’t even thought about a menu and besides going to Leaky’s that’s the only plan that I have.

The Bee will probably spend part of the holidays with her dad and while before I used to want to cry, I feel at peace with this too. I enjoy a luxury that most don’t: childless time and I aim to enjoy it. I don’t feel as sad since we are going to do the parade again. I am not sure of our assignment yet but I am so glad we got to be in it again.

I will continue to do NaBloPoMo. It’s not quite the ordeal that I felt it to be. A fellow blogger has posted a list of prompt for us to use for December so it helps to have that to focus on. I am also thinking of having some guest bloggers. Stay tuned!

What’s your plans?
Are you ready to talk turkey?


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  1. Joanna says:

    I can’t believe thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, this year went by so fast!

    Following you from Joanna’s Life Weekly Hopalong.

  2. Frances says:

    Going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving in little old Kingstree, SC, the land that my husband hates; therefore, feeling like Thanksgiving was just yesterday. LOL

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