On the Hooks: Neck love

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One of my coworkers is a fellow hooker and she has been encouraging me to get my hook on. It’s nothing for her to pull out her bag on Monday and show me the start of a yarnthing and then by Wednesday she is returning with a finished project. Blankets and scarves are her specialties and even though I’ve yet to finish a blanket (eepers) I can work a scarf.

I’ve been chugging through Dill’s hat and should have that completed by this weekend. (Sorry the picture is so blurry!)

I am going to work on scarves next. I swear I cannot find any of the scarves (or hats!) that I made last year! This flowery scarf that I found on Ravelry is beautiful. I’m worried that it’s something I’ll start and never complete (remember all of my WIPs and UFOs?).

The Belle scarfseems quite doable and I have some yarn for it already. Even though I’ve been stupid busy, I am going to do a few rows at a time and get her done.

Pics soon.
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