I got a medal y’all!

5 Reasons to Wear Your Race Shirt and Rock Your Race

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The Broad Street Run is in few days and while I am not racing (bah to the lottery folk who did not pick my name!) I have still been working (a bit) on getting my wogs in and excited for my friends who are running.

Today an article appeared in one of my groups and between the eye rolling and teeth sucking it induced, I found myself wondering how something as simple and fun as running could become some elitist bs.


The article is from Be Well Philly which is a Health/Wellness Website with news about health and fitness in Philly from Philadelphia magazine’s blog, so I shouldn’t have been too surprised by the elitist tone it took. Philadelphia Magazine still insists that the MAIN LINE is a part of Philadelphia so there’s that.


The author of the article lists 5 Reasons Not to Wear Your Broad Street Race Shirt on Sunday and call it a case of the Thursdays, me exercising my right to be a DQ or me being a whiner, but I call BS shenanigans on this article.


Emily’s 5 Reasons Not to Wear Your Broad Street Race Shirt on Sunday and my responses.


  1. It’s a rookie mistake. If I am a rookie running ten miles I’m letting ERRBODY and their mama know. Heck, I’ve gotten to intermediate status for my Nike plus app and I am STILL letting errbody know.


  1. It’s like wearing the band’s t-shirt to the concert. Is this a thing? Cause if I paid for a tee, like way too much money in the parking lot, because sucker, you darn right I’m wearing it.


  1. It’s bad luck and considered poor form. I’m superstitious enough to pause but really…shut it.  As for the poor form, the author writes, “wearing the shirt is your badge of honor going forward that you actually finished the race.” Have a seat ma’am. Me, getting off the couch to train and get in shape for the race is an honor to me!


  1. You haven’t trained in it. Tis true but that ratty ole Spock shirt that I *did* train in is not what I want on the photo that they snap at the finish line.


  1. Your spectator friends won’t be able to find you. Again, here is your seat. I think my “spectator” friends will be able to see me and my locs in the sea of people running. My 11, ok 12 minute pace will allow for all the greetings.


I’ve been told to run your race and that includes ignoring all of this faux rule BS. I ran Broad Street a few years ago and was proud of my run. I sure did wear my metal to work the next day. The next races I run, unless they hand me my shirt when I check in, I am going to sport that thing like a second skin.


I got a medal y’all!

I got a medal y’all!

I got a medal y’all!


To my friends running, enjoy!




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  1. jeff says:

    Tell it, r! And #5 is lol funny: “allowing for all the greetings.” 😀

  2. Janine says:

    Oh I love this and I don’t run so I would totally make that mistake! But I remember this being a discussion in college if you pledged a sorority… when do you wear the greek letters.

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