The 30 Day Arm Challenge #FlexForFitness

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A few weeks ago I took a class at the Philly Circus School and realized two truths:

  1. I have little confidence especially when it comes to the trapeze
  2. I have little to no upper body strength.

The whole time I struggled with that little bar I simultaneously berated myself for not being stronger and challenged myself to remember this feeling so that I can make whatever changes I needed to be able to pull myself up at some future time.

I was browsing Facebook, as one does, and came along this challenge, The 30-Day Arm Challenge.

How It Works

This arm challenge is broken down into four weeks: Week 1 is all about body-weight basics, Week 2 adds dumbbells, and Week 3 mixes body-weight and dumbbell moves to build can’t-stop-won’t-stop endurance. Week 4 combines body-weight ~flows~ with some weighted moves to tone your arms to perfection.

I mentioned this challenge to my sister, Raya, and our friend Janeane and they were all set to join in too. At stake, bragging rights, sporting toned arms like Michelle Obama and, the pièce de résistance, $30 dollars worth of yarn!

While I understand that spot training is not a thing, I do think this challenge will help tione my arms and get them ready for sleeveless tops. I do want to be able to do a pull-up or two one day and who knows, I may want to take a class again at the Circus Arts school and don’t want to psych myself out of the trapeze.

Follow me across social as I work on my challenge. I’ll share my progress on Twitter and Instagram as “sayitrahshay.”


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