The Other “F” Word

I could blame “the world” for being so conditioned to think thin is best, to think women should look a certain way and to police anyone who dares not be ashamed of not looking a certain way. The world is also me.

Burn Out

I was just going to ride it out this latest wave of the blahs because these spells comes and go but when the spell wasn’t going and I had whined and churned over all of the what ifs to everyone who would listen, I realized that I needed to act.

Fear of Fat

Several times this week I’ve been complimented on weight loss and I ain’t gonna lie; it felt good. Like, I *know* that I should be more concerned about my health and well being but yo, the compliments were nice. Losing weight has been accidentally on purpose. I’m in a play and part of me wanted to make sure I look…

Help Cure Nutritional Poverty with @MegaFood #ad

My Facebook memories show a Rachee who consistently made working out a priority. At the time, I was in the midst of the weight loss study so the incentive to report my workouts to my group members encouraged me. I can honestly say that even though I know the real deal, you can’t outrun a bad diet, I allowed myself…

Changes #SOCS

There used to be this blog link up called “Stream of Consciousness Sunday” that I used to participate in. It was just a brain dump of my thoughts, sometimes with a writing prompt, sometimes you were on your own. It’s stopped being a thing I do but every so often I think it should become a thing to do because…

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