SKOYZ: Building Resilience one trick at a time

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My library is located in a little suburb right outside of Philadelphia and we cater to a diverse group. In an effort to offer fun and educational programs sometimes we leap out of the box of traditional library programming offered. Recently we held a program for teens to try our Circus Toys offered by FLow Circus and that program was a sleeper hit.


Flow Circus has recently launched Skoyz, an app for tweens, teens, and families to engage in active learning and play using skill toys such as juggling balls, kendama, yoyo, flower sticks, chatter ring, spinning plates, and more.

With this app players can:

Learn: Players can browse expertly curated instructional videos. No more random searches on YouTube trying to figure out where to begin. Develop a solid foundation with minimal frustration right from the beginning.

Log: Player can set goals, track practice, and upload progress videos.

Share: Players can create and join teams. Whether it’s for a family, a neighborhood, Scouts, or a soccer players, teams are a great way to encourage growth and resilience.

Flow Circus has already begun work on Skoyz. Currently anyone can browse a growing library of instructional videos. But we need your help to complete the project. Support the project by pledging just $5 for a player plus account or get a LIFETIME team account for as little as $25.

View a preview of the app here:

Skoyz App Preview from on Vimeo.




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  1. Flow Circus says:

    Thanks, Rachee! Folks that want to learn more about the project can visit

  2. Dawn Daria says:

    Thanks, Rachee! Folks that want to learn more about the project can visit

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