November is Picture Book Month

Join me all month for my favorite picture books! November is Picture Book Month and I want to embark on a project to share my favorite picture books as well as reboot my love of books and libraries.  Today’s book: The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone Why I like this book It stars lovable, furry,…

Listicles: Last Day

So today was the last official day at the place I called work for the last 12 years and it still doesn’t feel real.

Meet The Batman Day

Last year I learned about a DC Comics event called “Batman Day.” Most likely it is portal a way for DC to push Batman themed merchandise but to me, someone who is always trying to create exciting programs for work, this was a great idea for a library event. This week my library held it’s second Batman Day and over…

Burn Out

I was just going to ride it out this latest wave of the blahs because these spells comes and go but when the spell wasn’t going and I had whined and churned over all of the what ifs to everyone who would listen, I realized that I needed to act.

Words Have Power

Say it Rah-shay By Feb 07, 2018 1 Comment

In the past I have thought that words have power but today I really got it. Something clicked and I know that going forward I have the choice to misuse my words and lessen everyone involved – especially myself. Instead I can, and shall,  reflect and be more careful with the words I utter.

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