Running Sucks. And Then it Doesn’t

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Running sucks. And then it doesn’t. Or so Professor Facebook has told me. It’s not that I dislike running. I mean I DO dislike, don’t get me wrong. (Are any of you getting me wrong?1) but my last three workouts I did found myself wishing for the universe to intervene to cut my workout time short.

I set a goal for being able to run two miles without stopping by the end of summer. They don’t have to be fast miles, just non-stop. I have been wogging a few times a week with Black Girls Run (gotta Preserve the Sexy) and alone at the gym hitting the treadmill and revisiting the Couch to 5K app. I want to be able to share that I am loving the workouts but lately running is such a chore.

When I was running before, way back in 2007, I actually had a few times when I had the runners high. I would be doing my workouts and *BOOM* would get a second wind, feel like I wanted to keep pushing myself and felt oh so strong.  I realize that I am [redacted] pounds heavier, seven years older and no where near as in shape as I was  not as in shape as I was before but I am starting to feel impatient for the part where I can see the change. When I don’t have Darth Vader breathing. When walking up the more than one flight of stairs isn’t dramatic. When getting out if the car isn’t akin to a Three Stooges  slapstick routine.

So I’ve been working. One step at a time. One run wog at a time. But it sucks. I want to get that runner’s high. I want the euphoria that comes with moving. Right now it feels like work and I’ve got a case of the i donwannas.

I asked Professor Facebook and my runner friends have been so helpful with their advice and words.

  • H offered: “It doesn’t get easier, but you get faster.”
  • D encouraged me to “Keep at it! Consistency is key. It might not get “easier” but when you look back you will see growth, and not necessarily in a tangible numbers kind of way like pace or distance.” She also shared that “The other night I had an epiphany-it used to take me almost a full 3 miles before I felt in the groove and like I was actually enjoying myself-this time it took only a little over a mile before I felt that way, so I realized that with consistency your running does improve”
  • T advised me to listen to podcasts or to run with friends
  • A shared that she prefers bike riding as it’s easier on her body and not quite as boring as running
  • B: I have good days and bad days, though mostly good. I think it took a few months after my most recent injury to have mostly good days.
  • N: When I joined my running group as someone who could only run/walk 1 mile, I was told to stick with it for 6 weeks. After that I think it becomes a little more routine and like another post, I still have good and bad days. One day 10 can be easy and another day I’m struggling to get through 1.
  • M: I think most exercise programs are like that. Some days you are just off or not as strong. I did back squats on Monday and a weight that is usually just a warm-up for me felt really heavy. You just got to push through those days and know the next day will be better. 


I also had some comedians who offered encouragement:

  • A:  I don’t run but I can’t help but wonder why aren’t cupcakes involved? Ah. Maybe thats why I don’t run. Kudos to you!
  • S: When your running late- that comes so easy to me !

So blog friends I ask of you, how do you get through your workouts? I love running and I love how strong I *know* I will be but I need to push through this part where I feel like I would rather work on my stage two decubitus instead of taking on the track.

Share your favorite running tips please!

I want to go from this:

to this:

to this:[Glasses]-Keep-Calm-And-Run-One-More-Mile

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  1. Barbara Bradley Hoyer says:

    LOL – Having a partner can help if you're struggling a bit. I sign up for races to give me something to work towards. Doing the training for the 1/2 marathon helped so much!

    1. Rachee says:

      I keep thinking about a 5K. Thinking.

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