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In which we try Heelys.

I was invited to try out a pair of Heelys, you know those sneakers that have wheels in the heel. The Bee and I checked out the website to see what styles were available. With a few clicks we easily ordered a pair.  When the shoes came we had to await a few days before we could properly try them outside; it rained and rained for days in the Philadelphia area and I wasn’t too comfortable letting The Bee outside to practice skating on a wet sidewalk. When the weather finally granted us a beautiful day we tried out the skates.

I was surprised to see that the Heelys came with an option to use the heel plug so that we could take the wheels off. Whenever I had observed kids wearing them the wheels were attached. I thought this feature would allow The Bee to have an extra pair of shoes but she described the shoes as being soft and nicely padded but very heavy on her feet. The shoes do look bulky but The Bee said she liked the bulk because it made her feel safer.

The first time The Bee tried out her Heelys, she was a bit intimidated. She later said she as afraid that she was going to fall and hurt herself. It did take her weeks to be comfortable wearing the shoes and skating.

Don’t buy these thinking you will be rolling and whizzing by like a pro. It takes consistent practice to be able to roll around without that feeling of unsteadiness and to build up confidence. The Bee reports that she likes the way she skates and feels like she won’t fall.

Once comfortable, skaters will be able to roll around with ease. I felt more comfortable with The Bee wearing the Heelys after she was more steady on her feet.

Overall The Bee states that she likes them a lot and are happy with the shoes. She really likes the color and says they are comfortable and that her feel felt good even after a couple of hours wearing the shoes.

Also check out the instructional video provided by Heelys so that it won’t take you weeks to learn how to skate!

Please to enjoy my child trying out her Heelys:

Purchase your own Heelys at their shop:

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Disclosure: Although I was sent a pair of Heelys from Blogger 2 Blogger to review, I was not financially compensated for writing this post. All thoughts and words are my honest opinions.


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