SOCS: It’s not that easy being green

Say it Rah-shay By Sep 18, 2011 1 Comment

Or I really think this song is about me.

r’s note: I’m not a bad person. I am happy that good things happen to good people. I will even concede that there are times that good things happen to bad people. I am genuinely happy win something good happens but there are times that I feel a happy and a tad grabby.

Here’s what I have to say about that.

In all of my blogging, (over) sharing and posts there is one thing that I have failed to mention: I tend to get a little green with jealously, I know jealously is a sin (one of the seven deadly right?) but there are times when I hear about the good fortune that someone may experience and for a brief moment (or longer) a part of me is so consumed with a feeling of want that its almost physical.

I don’t wish ill for the person experiencing the good fortune,…I just wish it were happening to me. My inner  jealouslt has caused me to avoid friends, certain movies and some other social situations that seem utterly ridiculous as I type.

Its sad; its wrong and its something that I has been a part of me that makes me ashamed when I crave and desire something that isn’t mine but something that I really, really want.

Petty aint it? This jealousy that consumes me has caused me to avoid people, avoid things and spin in my own little world where I am a the ish.

I’m not the ish. In fact I am a terrible. Sometimes I feel like I’ve had a shot at the good things but due to incompetence, my not recognizing it for what it is or just my tendency to squander I have blown it.

I am learning to celebrate the fortune that is smiled upon others. I’ve been trying to fake it until I make it but seriously, although I am smiling and putting on a good face, there is a part of me that wishes I had a monkey’s paw.

Channeling my inner Homer,


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  1. Brandi says:

    This is hard to admit, and a lot more people probably feel this way than are willing to say it. What is the cure for this? I don’t know. I was just thinking last night that I wanted a breakthrough. I mean, other folks seem to hit rock bottom and then zoom to the top. Why is it that some folks get super huge and successful, and others hit a wooden ceiling? Hmm…

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