Philly’s @craftphila Liberty Bell Fair Open Air Festival

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“We’re all about bringing America’s Best to ‘We the People’, so being at the birthplace of freedom of expression, innovation and independence is a beyond special opportunity to strut our stuff” said co-founding artist and producer Leslie Manas. “With the Liberty Bell and Independence Mall just footsteps away, we wanted to create a public arts tradition where fellow local, regional and national could connect with a global audience.”


Nestled in the heart of Old City’s Historic District, CRAFT PHILA presents two days of open-air shopping and family fun at the corner of 6th and Market Streets. The fair route runs along Market towards 7th Street, and along 6th Street towards Chestnut. The fair is free, and is held rain or shine.


Expect to see handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and wearables along with decorative and functional wares in a wondrous spectrum of styles, and in all prices. Guests will also enjoy meeting the invited independent artisans who will show and sell their original, signed creations.

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