On the Hooks and Needles: January

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Now that the holidays are over and items for others are complete, well save one baby blanket, I can take a look back at my crafting season (if you will) and exhale. As I reflect back over the last few weeks I can proudly look at the completed yarnthings and feel good about the work I have done. It was such a good feeling to see so many satisfied people. If I want yaRRns to continue to flourish I have to keep the momentum from the holiday going. Between Ravelry, Pinterest and the yarn crafting groups I belong to on Facebook I have so many projects and ideas to keep the creativity flowing.

January crafting projects


I have been testing patterns for Warm Fuzzy Boutique and Sissy gives all testers permissions to sell the finished items. The last two items I tested were a football hat and a Yoda hat. These two are quick and fun projects to get the crochet juices flowing are really cute when complete.


I would like to work on cables and found a few headbands on Ravelry to give them a try. I have never been a headband person but had a request for one that I have been putting off because I have been afraid. This pattern found on the blog Kung Fu Knitting seems like a good place to start. Can we just take a moment to reflect on how great the name Kung Fu Knitting is and how it makes one want to sing it to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting but using knitting needles as nunchuks. Oh, that’s just me? Moving on.

Cowls have been my go to and I am loving how fast knitted ones work up. I thought I would try a cowl headband combo that a friend shared on Facebook. My friend aleigh (on Ravelry)  shared a design on Facebook and I am waiting for her to list this pattern in her Ravelry shop. 

A personal project that I am interested in is the Crochet Mood Blanket. On Instagram someone named mummy_stacey came up with the idea to make a blanket consisting of a square-a-day (or week) and using different colours to reflect your mood! A square a week is doable. I started a board on Pinterest for square ideas and am going to use the yarn in my stash to get it done. Check out my Instagram or Tumblr pages for updates.

WIPS in project:

The corkscrew scarf being made with Red Heart Boutique Changes.

What are your crafting goals for 2014?





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