Finish the Sentence Friday (On Sunday. Shh)

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I should be finishing up a few things but alas, I found this meme from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine and liked the answers that Jen from Break the Parenting Mold shared that I was compelled to create my own. But then my powers of procrastination caused me to miss linking up but this was a good post so I decided to keep writing.


Finish the Sentence Friday

This week I am to finish the Sentence

One Time When I Was Bored out of My Mind I….

Here goes.
Y’all know that hair is a thing with me. As much as I would like to claim otherwise, I like my hair. I liked that my locs were finally long enough to wear all bunched up on the top of my head in a sort of casually sloppy but really cool loc ball. I liked to swing it, feel the bounce of my ponytail as I wogged and was digging the fact that my hair was gently falling down my back after coveting hair that was bouncin’ and behavin’ most of my life. 
Wow. Written out that seems a tad shallow but whateves. It’s my sorta secret secret that is not really so secret secret anymore.

Anywho, what I didn’t like was the maintenance. I didn’t like retwisting my hair, washing it was a drag and finding someone to take care of it at a decent price…don’t make me laugh! I had found a few salons to try but I’m very cheap and really didn’t gel with some of the prices selective and would feel like I was a vicitm ofbait and switch when the prices I would be quoted would suddenly increase when people would get a look at just how much hair I had. There *is* a lot of hair up there and it *does* take a long time to do it but I don’t want just any ole person fooling around with my hair and, I totally admit it. I am cheap.

I HAD found a new salon and was really pleased with the results. But getting back to get my hair done has not been in the cards. Some weeks I just don’t have time. Some weeks I send The Bee instead as she needs her hair done too. Some weeks, I just found my pockets a little flat.

Naomi worked magic!

So I started thinking of cutting my locs. It’s been a thing I think about when the struggle gets too real. That one time I looked at my new growth and decided that I looked like a wild wolf woman. That time I fell asleep twisting and had a loc mullet thing going on. That time I wore hats for a week straight because my hair was, well, damn.

Yup. One day I decided that all of that hair just had to go.
I washed my hair (and documented it, cause I am a bit of an oversharer) and was about to rethink my plan when I decided not to think.

Happy and hairy

That’s not true. I paused a moment and then took the scissors to one half of my head and chopped before I could change my mind.

No going back now…half gone!

Away went six inches of hair.

Bye bye hair


I then made a half-assed attempt at styling and headed to see Effin Guy who told me I was adorable, gave me a kiss and then nicely assisted some people in his store (it was a Wednesday, new comic book day and he was kinda busy but not too busy to say I was cute. Aww!)

I whined a lot bit but finally have come to make peace with my shorter hair. Cause it will grow back…right?
Seriously, it’s adorbs and I’m adorbs and I rock it well with my Pooh Sweatshirt.

One time when I was bored out of my head, I realized that I can rock short hair and still be awesome.
The End.

Getting used to the ‘do



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