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This week Stasha is asking us to share ten things that make us proud. Shockingly to NO ONE I had such a tough time creating this list. As a mother, woman, person, I am always quick to share some negative, negate some compliment or in general wave away any praise but dagnabit I am going to hold my head up high and own some of the good things that I am proud of.

1. Being a mom.

We look so cute

God knows it’s hard to mother a child and mothering a tween/teen is a thing all its own. Despite my grumbles my kid is a decent person, she gives me lip and some ‘tude but it’s not all bad.
2. Being a good daughter.
There are times that I just want to run screaming during conversations with my mom (don’t judge me) but for the most part I enjoy that we can talk about things and it’s not a great huge mess. When I was in a deep dark place after my marriage ended she was there to help me see the light. When I had troubles with work she was there to listen. Sure, she signs all of her texts ride or die Mom and it makes me want to scratch my head but she is all right with me.

Effin Guy is the best

3. Loving my man.
There. I said it.
After divorcing The Bee’s dad I thought I would never ever allow myself to be so open and free with my feelings. Effin Guy changed all of that. He makes me feel like I am worthy and deserving of the love I shied away from for so long.
4. My job
I do a fine job telling stories and matching books with the person who swear that they just “don’t like reading.” I can believe my own hype and enjoy it instead of worrying that I am going to mess it up for the next (person of color) who will ever work there.

What I feel when I have to ask for help

5. Asking for help.
The old (as in a few months ago) Rachee would think asking for help was a sign of weakness. But in reality I KNOW I can’t do it alone. It’s ridic to think otherwise!
6. Wogging
I’ve started up again and it has really dawned on me that I don’t need to run to get fit. Just moving is good for me. I have been jogging and able to complete my workouts without feeling like I am going to die or that my head is going to explode.
I’ll be ready for my race in May.
7. Loving me
This is low on the list because it’s still a work in progress.
I was so used to being told that all I cared about was myself that I started to believe that was a bad thing.
Dude, please.
That negative thoughts stayed with me for years but now I realize that Rachee is worthy.
8. Hooking
Not that kind.
I have been lacks with crochet but when I gets my hook on, I gets it on.
9. I’m a riot.
I am.
Well, at least the little kids who came to storytime today thought so.
Seriously, it has taken me so long to be able to laugh at myself, enjoy things that are funny and just enjoy.
10. Coming out of my shell.
Working with the public I am often looked upon as an authority figure, leader and you know what? It scares the spit out of me. I struggle to maintain a conversations with my families, I sweat when people want to engage. And why? I am delightful. I just have to realize that I am a delight all of the time. And stop worrying.
It’s your turn. Tell me what makes you proud!
Say it loud!


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