Friday Favorites: As Seen on Twitter

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The end of the week!
Cue Rebecca Black.

This week I favorited these things on Twitter.

It’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week and I read a heartbreaking article about an anorexic kindergartner. I have never been afflicted with an eating disorder and pray that I never will. I have been reexamining my relationship with food and trying to be more positive.

Ahh…The Onion. And the C word. There was no lack of articles about it but I really felt that this article found on Jane XO was one of the best.

I’ve joined a new collaborative website, Pushing Lovely. So far it is a great, supportive community of women who are encouraging women to write.
Find them online

No Spend February…I spent.
So to make up for my lack of discipline I decided to try and make some more income. One way was through affiliate links. Now, Affiliate Links remain a mystery to me. During a Twitter party I got information about what I needed.

I also read an article from Crochet Liberation Front that encouraged me to get yaRRns back in gear. By the Way, I LOVE crochet liberation front! Viva la hook!

And last, one woman blogged her way out debt. Whoa!
I am not sure that I want to be so…open, free, telling of my personal business but I say kudos to Cait who blogs at Blonde on a Budget. I can certainly use her tips!

In fact, I think I’ll jump back in with a plan for March.

What are you digging this week?


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