#MondayListicles Go Up, Up and Away!

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This week I decided that Monday Listicles should be an ode to the better Rachee  I am becoming since going to the gym. At first I was all like:

But then I realized that while my dress size has not gone down (Boo!) there really are some other benefits to working out.

1. I can (almost!) do a split.
I have been diligently stretching and have finally come to a point where it is almost easy to do the upright  pigeon pose. Upon straightening my legs it was not so difficult!

2. I can run jog ten minutes without feeling interesting!
I’ve been doing Couch to 5 K and am actually looking forward to my runs jogs

3. I don’t sound quite so much like Vader.
My at rest breath is almost silent and the last time I took a video I didn’t hear me huffing and puffing in the background. Also, the routine I do for storytime? No longer do I have to stall while I recover my breath.

4. I can lift 8 twenty pound bags without getting sore.
I help Mom set up her dialysis and she needs those bags for her treatment. The first time I was setting her up…I was flush, had to take a breath, couldn’t keep up with conversation. Now, I’m in and out in less than ten minutes!

5. I can hold a wall sit for more than 30 seconds.

The first time I tried this I was shaking at 10 seconds. This week it wasn’t up until the 30 second mark that my legs began to protest.

6. I can plank for a minute.

7. A few shirts that were va va va voomy are now only va va voomy.

8. I can leg press 90 pounds

9. My starting bicep curl weight is 10 pounds. (I lived at five for a while, visited 7.5 but always headed home to five.) I pyramid up to 12 and one ambitious day did a small set with 15!

10. I can make (at least one) men speechless.
Effin Guy and I went to workout last night and he approved my rear, gear.

Are you on your way to looking better naked?
What are some ways you are feeling like a superhero this week?
Let us know and see you at the track.


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  1. I have been working out diligently too and this is a super list! Love it! Keep up the good work, Erin

  2. My best way to look naked is to put some clothes on that, lol. I admire your workout tenacity!

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