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This week for Monday Listicles we are using the Way back machine to visit the year 1991. Picture it, me in a Gerry/Jheri/Jeri curl, contacts and rolled up pants. I graduated high school in 1991 and instead of an mp 3 player I had a Walkman. Yup, a big ole gray Walkman that I loved dearly and went through many a double A battery (I should have gotten stock in Duracell!). I made loads of mix tapes and to this day still have a few tapes that I fondly remember creating from Cassingles (oh Tower Records!). There were the times that I would wait with the patience of a someone not me next to the radio for them to play *my song* and hit record to catch it (the first few bars may or may not be missing depending on my cat like agility). There were times that I would record the song off of a record (yup), the microphone next to the speaker (Haw, haw!) and there was the dual tape deck my mom had gotten Buffy and me.

Le. Sigh!

These were the songs that I boogied, grooved and moved too back in “The Day” and sons that I swear are still current, despite those I Love The specials reminding me that I am old.


Ten Songs that they say are oldies but I say are classic:


1. Groove is in the Heart – Deee-Lite

Who doesn’t get up and shake a tail feather when this starts playing? I dare you to defy Lady Kier’s catsuit, Bootsie Collins and that Russian guy’s shoes.

2. I’m Your baby Tonight – Whitney Houston

I always liked Whitney. Her album was the first that I ever had that I could call my own. Plus, she always claimed to not be able to dance and I find myself rhythmically challenged…soul mate! I always like music videos that have costumes and the whole hair/jacket look she rocked was something I tried to emulate.


3. Wicked game – Chris Issak

Columbia House was all the rage and I ordered this album when I signed up, drawn in by the lure of 11 cassettes for a penny (plus shipping and handling!). This cassette was the beginning of my rule of three (I have to like THREE songs on an album before I make an album, nee CD, purchase). At the time I thought I was getting a bargain but, yeah….



4. Unbelievable – EMF

I had a pair of fake Doc Martins (these ugly green combat boots that I wore) and thought this song was just punk enough for me.

I was wrong.


5. Love Will Never Do – Janet Jackson
“Who is that man singing?”  We all wondered when this video came out. Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) doesn’t have the best voice but she can put on a hell of a show. It was a new Janet, the beginning of sexy Janet. Plus Djimon Hounsou was looking all buff and running around without a shirt and looking good.


6. Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
Technically t his came out in 1990 but so what. Yes, I had a cassingle AND a cassette and I loved me some Ice Ice Baby.
Every time I would hear “ding, ding, ding, dinga ding ding” I would pray it was not the start of Under Pressure.

Don’t play; you know if I say “Stop!” you will respond with, “Collaborate and listen!”


7. Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory
I feel some type of way with how C & C Music Factory did Martha Wash but this song always makes me want to do The Running man.



8. More Than Words – Extreme
At the time I thought this video was so danged edgy! Black and White! Acoustic! This was full of feelings! FEELINGS! And I anxiously listened, my angst filled teen years all in a song. You see, Buffy and I were fighting and not speaking. We didn’t speak for a good year and this song (which I later learned was a love song) summed up my feelings for my missing friend. She still gets on my nerves but whatevs.

9. Don’t Want To Be a Fool – Luther Vandross
Confession: I kind of thought Luther Vandross was for old people but later that year when I met the guy I dated in college, I realized that Luther was that ish. Luther, in particular, this song, was like me. I had a crush on one of the RAs when I lived at West Chester but I wasn’t blonde enough for him (D’oh!). After confessing my heart he turned me down *wipes tear* but no worries, I recovered and discovered Luther.

10. Everything I Do Bryan Adams
Another Rachee confession: I used to love Kevin Costner. Well, Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. Well, really just Robin Hood. Whatever. So, that scene at the end where they get married in the forest…yeah. That was totes going to be my dream wedding. Me and the groom getting married in the fall with leaves gently falling around us. I would wear flowers in my hair and we would end it all with a big barbecue where I would dance barefoot in a flowy dress. Bryan Adams gravely voice would play on some kind of loop cause that song IS romance!



Bonus tracks!

I Touch Myself – DiVinyls

Can’t Let Go – Mariah Carey

Hard to Handle – The Black Crows


So…what was your jam(s) the year you graduated? Holla at your girl!

Getting a pencil ready to fix my cassettes,




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  1. Yona says:

    Oh wow..I remember making ‘mixed’ tapes when listening to the Sunday night ‘Love Flight’ on the radio – those were the days.

    All of those songs on your list bring back memories – whether I loved listening to them on the radio, or cringed when they were played for the 1 millionth time.

    ‘Groove is in the Heart’ was a really catchy song that I had to dance to whenever I heard it. How could you not??

  2. Shana Norris says:

    I’m so impressed that you listened to Chris Isaak in high school. I didn’t discover him until my mid 20s.

  3. Xae says:

    I love the Bryan Adams song. It never gets old.
    Happy Monday 😀

  4. Robbie says:

    Some great songs on your list! I love Bryan Adams.

  5. I’m outdone that you said you were getting your pencil to fix the cassette! You know I had to turn up Luther. Thanks for linking up at the Creative Buzz Hop!

  6. Will be sharing this…love Groove Is In the Heart especially! Thanks for sharing with the Creative Buzz Hop, and you’ll be on the Creative Buzz Hop Times too.

  7. I totally made my mix tapes using a walkman that I won in a morning radio call in contest. Love every song on your list!

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