Monday Musings: Favorites from the Weekend

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In which I make up for not doing this on Friday.

Last week has been whoa!
Home, work, life just imploded but other than I have an amazing network of family and friends I will leave it be for now.

Here are my favorite things from the last week (and weekend).


How adorable is this rainbow scarf created by Allison from Crafty is Cool? I know I have a score of things to be worked on but this is just begging for me to hook! I have all of the colors in my stash, it’s getting cold out and the pattern is a double crochet with a G hook. As soon as I finish Tracey and Dill’s hat I’m starting this. Who am I kidding? I’m starting this one tonight!

New Blog

I am totally digging the blog Twelve Months of Fun! Her ideas are so neat and possible. I especially love the bucket list. It’s a to do list (love those) and it’s also a decoration. I think The Bee and I may have to work this out for a Fabulous Fall Full of Fun (see what I did there with the alliteration?).


The Heroic Trio.
I’ve been on a kung fu kick and nothing says kung fu like three kick ass women, well kicking ass. Its violent,  its campy, its awesome. Starring Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung this movie just what I needed to get out of my own head for a while.


The playlist that been going through my head:

Melanie Fiona: It Kills Me
Jazmine Sullivan: Bust the Windows
Jill Scott: Blessed
Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun
Elvis Costello: Accidents Will Happen

Guilty Pleasure

Jane’s Hotel
I am not nearly as ashamed as I should be that I go up to a Four star hotel in a manner of hours. Yes, yes. My newest obsession requires some mouse clicks, hand eye coordination and the ability to observe. Think Diner Dash in a hotel.

Last but certainly not least,

Family and Friends

I’ve been having a week! I put the call out and the troops came! Thank you Mom, Charleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene, Buffy and Kia cause I was a woman on the edge and they were right on time. I can’t say more but it is so nice to know that I when I picked up that phone they were there to listen, offer advice, a maiming and a few laughs.

What’s your favorites?
Happy Monday,


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