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An article from CNN was shared in my Facebook timeline…Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill is 20 years old.



I wore the cassette tape of this album out in my little Chevette rolling back and forth between work and school and home. It helped me get through a breakup, it helped me get through some trying times and even now I stop everything when I hear the angry guitar notes for “You Oughta Know.”

Other things turning 20 this year:

1. My niece. Wait. What? Yup, Pop, the child who thought yoga and yogurt were the same thing will be two decades old.

2. The CD. I remember my first CD player; it was a gift from The Dad and big as an old turntable. I replaced all of my cassettes with CDs thanks to Columbia House (God I’m old) and Alanis was one of them!

3. Toy Story came out. I had no kids but shamelessly purchased a ticket and watched it at the United Artist Theater on 69th Street.

4. The OJ Simpson trial. I was trying to explain this whole clusterfudge to The Bee and all she asked was, “Kim Kardashian’s dad was a part of this, right?”


5. Clueless…as if! I remember there was an article to help people with all of the slang from the movie. (You can read MY article about Clueless here).

6. The Macarena. (I cheated and cribbed this from Buzzfeed) but c’mon. Even Dr. Evil got in on the action:

7. Star Trek Voyager premiered. I had to work and raced home so that I could hear the theme and then check out the show. Honestly? It felt like Gilligan’s Island in space and wasn’t my favorite but I did like Robert Beltran who played Chakotay (Chakotay….mmmhmmm!)


8. Bad Boys came out. Will Smith. Martin Lawrence. One of the best buddy movies.

9. Huge Grant propositioned a hooker. And we all cared. And by we, I mean him and his girlfriend and some people in Hollywood who cast him as a bad guy for a while until Notting Hill when we all adored him again.

10. Seal’s Kiss from a Rose (which was featured in Batman Forever which is a God Awful movie but Val Kilmer was an excellent Bruce Wayne!) This was another song that made me


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