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A few months ago, my daughter was telling me about this video from that is based on the movie Clueless. Then my daughter confirmed my one of my fears of being a neglectful parent: she had never seen the movie Clueless.

As if!

To rectify this we immediately had a movie night and had a meal and snacks inspired by food featured in the movie “Clueless. ” Of course the cast would have meals because school but we checked out some of the other ways food played a part in the movie and ate our way through 1995’s Clueless.

Orange Juice (The Bee): Cher was always trying to get Mel, her dad, to eat and live healthier.
Coffee (for me): Cher and Dionne gave Ms. Geist and Mr. Hall a thermos of coffee when the girls were playing matchmaker.

Cookies: Cher had cookies “baking” in an attempt to win over Christian.
Popcorn, M&Ms, Twizzlers: When asked to cut gym, Cher shares her breakfast and why she felt like such a heifer to Dionne.

Sandwiches: Josh makes a sandwich during scene with Cher, right after Cher commits to making Tai a “better person.

During her next day off we are going to become Ferris Bueller day and play tourists for the day. Other titles available to share with your teen:

Fridaty Night Lights: Football season is here and we may check out the area high school when they play at home.

The Breakfast Club: Shedding those stereotypes one person at a time during an early morning movie sharing.

The Vampire Diaries: Late Night marathon watching complete with fruit punch and steak.

13 Going on 30: Leg Warmers anyone?




For teens (and you!):

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What are your favorite ways to slow down with your teen? And, did I miss any of the food from Clueless?
Drop me a line and let me know how movie night went.

I’m Audi!



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  1. JENN says:

    What a great idea!! I loved Clueless when it first came out! I haven’t seen it in ages! I love Neflix for rehashing old movies! So much fun!

  2. Chrysa Kieke Duran says:

    We love family movie nights. Sometimes I do not know what is age appropriate for the older movies. Thanks for the reminder about Clueless because it was such a fun movie. Thanks.

  3. Ashley Swift says:

    I remember Clueless from when I was a kid! Fun movie 🙂

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