J Lo screen shot from LIla and Eve

Off the Needles: J-Lo’s Hat

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Someone on the Facebook shared the trailer of Lila and Eve, the new Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis movie about vengeance. (Don’t get sold out. Use my affiliate link to get your tickets: Buy tickets in advance at Fandango.com) All I saw was Jennifer’s knit hat. This week has found me feeling a bit fiber flummoxed (see what I did there) and while I worked up a Yoda and have about 10 things in various stages on hooks and needles, nothing was really calling me to complete it.

screen shot of JLo's hat

screen shot of JLo’s hat

Using Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn, Fisherman
I used The Big Cozy Hat pattern from Knit Picks as inspiration.


I cast on 44 instead of the recommended 40. The Knit picks hat is snug and I wanted a bit more slouch. Also? My locs take up a lot of space and I needed to accomadate them.

Instead of switching to a knit stitch after the brim, I continued a knit/purl combo. I think this was the right choice however when I was decreasing the hat this resulted into a funky looking cable/bumpy look to the crown of the hat. I left as is but will adjust for the next hat.

Materials: (use my affiliate links to get your own!)

I was excited to finally use these. They work like a dream, dipping in and out of the yarn with ease.

Jumbo Tapestry Needles

Jumbo Tapestry Needles


  • Stitch markers

Stitch Markers

I wasn’t quite as diligent keeping up with this little dude. My mistake; it would have helped when I was decreasing. Let my negligence be a lesson to you.

I got this marker from a learn to crochet kit. A comparible one is this from Boye: Boye Jumbo Stitch Markers for Sizes 0 to 15, 35-Pack



I love the almost instant gratification of working with larger needles. I was able to bust this hat out in a few hours.

The result?


Close enough!

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