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Back in January I was determined to reach a goal of 365 miles this year. I started strong, walking dailyish in an effort to take control of my health, get in shape, and make fitness a habit. Then, it got cold, like snow on the ground and disrespectful winds cold. Some days I just didn’t want to and I would purposely leave my sneakers home and would think about working out but really just went home and watched TV.

A recent family member’s health scare has made me rethink my attitude towards fitness and what it means to me. While I still LOVE the idea of vegging out on the couch and scarfing down bon bons, I know that if I want to gracefully enter middle age, I need to have a little more give a damn.

This month the weight loss study I was selected for has started. This study was something I was initially ambivalent about, concerned as I was that I was fat enough to qualify for a WEIGHT LOSS study but I have come to accept that this is a tool to help me along the way.

One thing I’ve had to do this week is log my calories for everything I eat which has been quite the eye opener. It’s nothing for me to mindlessly munch when I get home, grabbing whatever is quick and near and still eating dinner, plus a snack plus a little something  later in the night. (That I sound like some of the audition videos for Biggest Loser contestants is not lost on me!) But tracking each thing that I eat has been such a discovery. The calories add up and it’s amazing at how fast I am at or above my calories for the day.

I decided to hit the gym yesterday because the sun is a glorious reminder that more skin can be shown and I am in not in any condition to show anything other than my wrists. I logged my workout and winning! My short time on the treadmill allowed me a few extra calories.


While I am way behind to reach my goal of 365 mils for this year, the knowledge that a little cardio can allow me an extra few calories is enough to make me want to catch up.

This week I set a goal of one mile a day. I don’t plan to overeat but while I work out this change in eating habits I like the idea of a cushion.

Why am I sharing here? Cause overshare! Seriously, I wanted to invite you all to move along with me and check in on Facebook. Each day I’ll share my progress and you can too! I’m also on My Fitness Pal as “sayitrahshay1

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Let’s get moving!




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