The Idea of Church #SOCSunday

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Today I went to church.

You see, a  few weeks ago I signed The Bee up to be in a play at my brother in law’s church. It wasn’t that I was feeling overly religious or spiritual; it was that The Bee had gotten in the habit of coming home and camping out in front of the TV. Her grades have been OK, her assignments complete so she felt that vegging was OK.

I was not OK with that and one day I made her go to play practice with Dill and one thing led to another and ipso facto she became a “Give a Hand*” Puppeteer.


Today was the performance and through a mix up (which I cannot really be upset with the play’s producer as we would get to practice late) I arrived at the church an hour early. And church was going on, being piped through the hall where the play was to be held.

It wasn’t so bad. I didn’t hear the sermon, my annoyance at being made to arrive an hour early for the play made me regress to a tween so I read a book while I waited. However, in spite of all of my whining and bitching, it wasn’t horrible. I saw one of my Library kids, got to play with the sweetest baby and her toddler sisters and the amount of welcoming The Bee and I got wasn’t so bad.

Part of me still hold fast to the notion that I am going to spend my Sundays my way and that church as a single-ish mom is no place for me but maybe, just maybe, in that place in my head that the idea of marriage may be for me and that monkeys are sort of cute as well as sick and wrong, one day the idea of “church” won’t be the negative, resentment filled experience that I have associated it with in my mind.


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  1. Gina says:

    I’m glad it wasn’t horrible for you! I hope the play went well!!!

  2. Fadra says:

    This is where I remember I’m the triplet of the group because I could have written every word from the kid who vegs out to the preteen feeling of being forced to sit in church. But I will admit I still have no desire to spend my Sunday in that way.

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