July Run Goals

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…these miles aren’t gonna run themselves!

July sees the beginning of marathon training for real. This also means no more skipping runs “because I don’t feel like it.” Sure, I *could* do what I want but (I’m a capable adult person), but I know that if I want to finish my race without injury and under the sevenish hours that was my last marathon in 2009, now is the time to build myself up endurance and strength wise. As is Philly, July is looking to be steamy and hot and muggy and well, July. This year hasn’t been quite the fourth circle of Hell runs that I have experienced in the past, so I am thankful for that.

So I regroup, make a plan and share it. 

July goals

Run 76 miles this month. Philly…something, something 1776…. something, something Hamilton…idk…Ben Franklin or, this is my annual-ish attempt, inspired by Philly runner Michael Gagliardi aka Gagz. During the pandemic closures he ran the perimeter of Philadelphia, which is about 76 miles. Impressed, I plan to run 76 miles throughout the month of July.

Check out other area run groups. I am forever indebted to BGR but I love visiting and running with other groups. It’s partly for the experience of different paces and new routes, mostly because I’m a slutty runner. Kidding. There are a few other Philly area groups that seem friendly, paced right and are welcoming and I think that I will be checking them out as I work on my runs this month. 

Work with a personal trainer. It’s time to admit that I have been half-assing it with strength training. My neighbor is a personal training and I have approached him about designing a program. I know as a woman of a certain age (awesome…that age is awesome) I need to add some strength training but I also recognize that I need some assistance (the age thing). 

Add daily yoga. Last week I grabbed my mat and did my yoga outside and it was glorious. Just the birds singing, a breeze flowing and me omming (there was also my cats but ya know). Since I have a better work life balance, I feel better about squeezing in another 15 minutes to stretch out my hips and legs and such. 

Reduce screen time. Irony. Thy name is Rachee. As I hope that you all will grab your screens to read this post, I am making an effort NOT to be looking at screens so much. I have been binging everything and fooling myself into thinking that I am multitasking when I really just scrolling through TikTok an Reels for hours. 

Return of the Rachee Run-down. This is the weekly recap of my running journey. I usually post on IG but my blog is here for a reason. 

Tell me…what are your July goals? Running or otherwise! Let me know what you need to succeed. 




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