Flashback Friday: I heart him!

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My blogging friend Mommabrown has been the inspiration for two posts this week. First she inspired me to give my weight a visual (See Throwing Stones on my wanna be weight loss blog) and then she inspired this idea to share older posts while the one I’m working on (tentatively titled “That Time I Broke Into My House”) is still being worked on.

So kick back, grab a coffee and enjoy these posts all about my love life. If you are so inclined, you can visit Effin Guy at his shop and buy some comics. I want sushi this weekend.

Ahem. Now then:

Getting rid of baggage. I wash that man right out of my hair.
I’m lonely. And inferring some other stuff. But really lonely. Wink.
Looking for love in all the wrong places. The fine art of dating.
I’ve got a new dude! The story of Effin Guy and Me!
Awkward pauses in conversation in which The Bee and Effin Guy and I try to hang out.
Ahh! Trouble in paradise! Effin Guy and I break up…wah!
Whew! We’re back together. (and some other stuff that makes me seem super awesome!)
My crush. My man. Both nerds. Gratuitous Simon Pegg post.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Grinning about Effin Guy,


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