Five for Friday: It’s Shiny

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You know when you have that moment that makes you wish you had gone with your gut and stayed home in bed? Yes, that is where I am.
The road to Hell, good intentions, dealing with insane people.
This Friday is rigoshdangdiculous and it is only noon!

Anywho, here be some things I am digging to distract me from the shenanigans both self made and nurtured by others.

1. The Shortwave App
I was contacted by Laura Popisil who asked if I would be interested in trying out shortwave. I couldn’t imagine why she was sking such a shy person (tee hee) to help test her app.
From her e-mail:
“Shortwave strings together short video clips into a seamless thread that can be shared via email, sms, Facebook, or Twitter.”

I’ve used the app a few times, and am digging it. So far I have participated in conversations about HOW to use the app, replied to a cat video and shared my Simon Pegg crush with the world.

2. Jonathan Maberry is coming to town!
(pretend this part is in all caps)
I may or may not be author crushing and may or may not lose my ish on Monday.

Jonathan (cause we’re buds) writes horror. While it is gratuitous and bloody and I may have had a nightmare or three, it;s realy good.
Check out Rot & Ruin (Benny Imura (Rot and Ruin)) and Countdown: A Joe Ledger Short Prequel Short Story to Patient Zero.

He will be at Children’s Book World in Havertown on Monday, February 11 at 7PM.

Yes. Me cheesing

3. Feeling fat
Yes, this is not really news but this blog post from the blog My Friend Theresa Photography could have been written by me and almost every other woman I know.
Weight, size, body image the lot is ALWAYS a thing.
I was listening to a female comedian and most of her was about how fat she was. I turned it off after a while; it went from funny to sad.
Why do we do that to ourselves?
Let’s learn to love ourselves, mmmkay?

4. American Dad.
More specifically an apisode called “Can I Be Frank With You”
My sister showed me the video of Steve and his friends and the boy band they joined and I have had that stupid song stuck on my head all week.
Now YOU can enjoy!

5. More Music
My student worker had NO idea who Milli Vanilli were!
I was all, Whaaaaaaaaaat?” and she was all, “Didn’t they sing or not sing or something?” and I was feeling old.
This is for her:

So what’s YOUR Friday looking like?



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