Movie Monday: The Lone Ranger

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I loves me Johnny Depp and I think he is fine…as an actor. I enjoy his more colorful roles, my favorite is him as Captain Jack Sparrow (The Pirates of the Caribbean). When heard about a big screen Lone Ranger movie, after I hummed the theme song and made a ring tone using the William Tell Overture, I promptly forgot about it, indulging in Pirates reruns or a miscellaneous viewing of Chocolate.

A few weeks ago as I waited in the theater for my movie to start I sat through trailers of upcoming movies. When the familiar call of “Kemosabe” alerted me that a trailer was in fact The Lone Ranger  suddenly the Lone Ranger became something kinda cool and not just some show that would come on the television after my cartoons ended. The theme music was not just something my sister and I used to hum as we rode the broom around the house pretending we were cowgirls and I fell in love, once again, with Johnny Depp… ‘s great acting.

So, please to enjoy, a trailer of  The Lone Ranger:

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THE LONE RANGER rides into theaters on July 3rd!


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  1. I love Johnny Depp too, just haven’t seen all those movies. LOVED the Chocolat one. Yes he was fine in that. I guess I prefer him without the costumes. I’ll give those movies a shot though. DId you ever see the one with him and Angelina Jolie? Can’t think of the name of it, but it was good.

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