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May also be known as Five for Friday or Favorite Fridays (depending on the week. Yes. I’m fickle)
or in which I try something new (for me).

Plus, well, I kinda like LOVE alliteration

OK, I’m not going to lie; I am totally stealing the idea of Favorite Friday from fellow blogger Jessica who writes Found the Marbles. I came across her post today on Twitter and thought it was a great idea. There are so many fantastic blogs out there that I have been adding as favorites on Twitter and well, why not share. I also like Five for Friday which my partner in utero used to write. Each week Buffy would highlight five things that happened during the week. She got the idea from The Beautiful Struggler who would wax poetically about five things each week. As I was searching for some type of linky I found the blog abby try again who does a five senses Friday.


Here goes my Favorite Five for this Friday.

This week I have been thinking about all things social media. The Bee and I went to a blogging event Saturday and during the ride up with Cecily and Dresden I got an earful of ideas and things that I want to try, consider and such for this blog. Cecily has been writing for Mom Crunch on the Babble site and has been writing a series of great articles that pertain to social media. All of them were great but I really felt that Five Things You Must Have on Your Blog was a good place to start. Luckily I had my five (phew!) but it was a nice reminder.

Keeping on with all things social media, here is the article Transparent Ways to See Through People on Social Media.    I can’t lie. My blogging life is so schizophrenic that I am guilty of a few of these transparencies. Forreals yo! Seriously, this week I have been trying to tighten up on how I want to be seen on the web. Which was why I was happy to read Katja Presnal guest post on the Be Better blog and shared 5 Ways to Get Your Blogging Career to the Next Level.

Gratuitous Lil Shot
How I like to be on my back

Vera Sweeney writes the blog Lady and the Blog and she tweeted this post about How To Lose 5 Pounds: The Sit Up Routine You Need To Memorize. I have been looking for something to work my abs and here is a five minute routine. Five minutes. On my back!

Last but certainly not least Aby Garvey  must be reading my mind because I plan to get organized this vacation (tee hee!) and Aby’s Get Organized! January is Get Organized Month is good for me in late August.  She had me with this stat:

American women spend 55.2 minutes, per day, looking for lost or misplaced items

Oh Snap!
That is so me.
Have a Fab Friday!

Looking for my keys,


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  1. I’m flattered to be mentioned in your post. Off to check out those sites. I’m definitely intrigued by Vera’s ways to lose five pounds because I’m so needing that right now!

  2. Oh how fun that you guys all carpooled! I bet that was an awesome ride!

  3. Rachee says:

    It was fun. Cecily, Dresden and Charlie (Cecily’s hubby) are great roadtrip partners.

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