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Or in which I get all Seinfeldesque on ya. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

r’s note: This post was started on Thursday but my time management issues took over big time. Please to enjoy!

It’s Thursday, the day before I head off for Couchville, the layover between Porchville and Deckville and I am so ready to be on vacation that I cannot type. I feel so unfocused, uninspired and drained. It happens every summer; I run around like a loon, berating myself for not doing it like (fill in the blank of another library or person) worrying that someone is going to complain, expecting the complaint, feeling resentful about the complaint, worried and anxious and then its all over and time to start again on a smaller scale for the fall.

I am done.

My vacation will be a staycation, being broke (not poor) plus the need to literally get my house in order makes staying close to home a must. I don’t even think I am going to do day trips. The return of my part time gig plus me not being able to produce a pile of give a crap (Thanks EG) means I am just ready to relax with a pile of yarn, go through the stacks of books and get very well acquainted with the folks on the Star Ship Enterprise. Throw in some time with The Bee plus some friends (y’all know how to work a broom right?) and some family and I’m good.

My last day of work went a little something like this:
I was running late this morning. Despite being up at 6:30 I fell back asleep only to startle myself up at 7:23. Made breakfast, ate and then farted around until Holy cow! The BBC America is on. Rush to get dressed in something only slightly tight and rush to work.

Arrive at work to be confronted with, “Well, there’s something you need to know.” Since I live in fear (not really) that I am to be fired daily I braced myself for the news that Miss Rachee was now on the dole. Instead some kid decided to bring in some paints to work on projects and it was decided I should address the issue. Since Said kid and his sisters (and other random family members) have been visiting the library all day, every day for the last week or three I decided we should probably not entertain the idea of wet paint. Despite this intervention people unstructured anywhere all day everyday for the last week or three means that shenanigans did indeed ensue.

Random putterings which included FINALLY getting the fall calendar completed in the original format that I had been working on for a week or so. Answering e-mails,  one in which was someone yelling at me for something that, yes was my fault, but sheesh! Take a chill pill (I hope you read this). Emails about the said calendar that I have read and proofed eleventy billion times but still managed to exclude a time and I think I had a typo. Also had a great e-mail exchange with another librarian and we made some progress for some plans for the school year (Score!).

Then my productivity came to a screeching halt as I considered a the IDEAS. These are the emails, the stack of flyers and notes that I hoard, er save in hopes  of one day to implement them.  Eyeing this pile caused a bout of self loathing and feelings of being overwhelmed (y’all know I’ve got issues right?) so this caused me to feel sorry for myself for a good ten minutes as I contemplated how bad I would feel (or good I would feel) if I threw them all away.

Lunch, which was the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever but it rained as I dragged some garden tools out of my car. Boo! Plus my cat hasn’t been acting right since Tuesday. She ran back and forth through the house at top speed, stooped a few times to wrestle my foot and finally collapsed in a pile next to a rake.

Back to work and GAH! Once of the groups that I have been having issues with came in. They were remarkably well behaved and there were no problems. I actually made some decisions about crap on my desk (recycle) and found my missing pencil case (don’t ask)

After work I headed off to see a screening of Liongates Film called Warrior with Effin Guy. What a movie! I will post about that later but let me tell you, if you get a chance to see it, check it out.

Since it’s Friday and I’ve slept and lounged most of the morning, here is something to share with you; Ms. Rebecca Black herself!

Have a great day!
I will
It’s Friday


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