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Right before the moment of the earthquake that happened earlier this week, a friend and I had been talking about religion. I could insert some type of joke about that being the reason for the earthquake but can’t find anything funny enough to do it. The Bee is starting a Catholic school in a few weeks and I am conflicted. I have nothing against anyone’s religion but it worries me that she will be influenced by such an influential religion. Buffy and I went to Catholic school for ONE year and I can still vividly recall a time when we dropped to our knees to pray to statues of Jesus and Mary at the Bazaar of all Nations on Baltimore Pike. The Bee is older so I don’t think its an issue but I do worry about how our non-denominational approach to religion will fare. We are going from quielty consider the lord to biweekly religion classes, saints and staues of saints.

The Bee loved the vacation bible school she attended this summer and has expressed interest in learning more about the Bible. I have no opposition to this; I wish I had that same enthusiasm. Instead I am afraid that if I were to attend church I would become that woman, bible thumping, holy rolling, Jesusing and God Blessing and Fathering all of my speak. Most of my religious friends do not speak this way so that’s not too much of a concern but I also worry about ‘They’. Quite frankly I don’t care to hear what ‘They’ will say about me attending church, GETTING RIGHT, reading the inky book that matters. An I told you so is reason enough to keep me out of church.

I am not entirely sure that the rapture is coming but I am starting to feel that if it is indeed coming that I don’t want to find myself “Left behind” in an attempt to figure out what’s what. I’m a good person, I care about people, I follow the ten commandments and think that I am a relatively decent spirit but the idea that I have to attend church, a church that will not allow me to read Harry Potter or that I have to change totally from Rachee to something else makes me want to say bunk it and skip it all together,. And yes, I made my daughter going to a new school all about me.

Anywho, in about a week when The Bee starts her new school I am going to be supportive and keep all of my snarky cause I;m really uncomfortable but don;t want you to know it feelings aside and help her transition from the school with the quietly reflective religion to the school with the pray as I say religion.

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  1. Lillian Davis says:

    Rachee’ I will start with a disclaimer, I am an unabashed Christian, who firmly believes that church is a good place to be. Now having said that, I do not believe we have to be at church every time the church doors are open. Or even every Sunday. If you are afraid you’re going to become THAT woman, then be certain that you don’t (“the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet”).

    Talk to the Bee about what she’s learning. As a non-Catholic there should be a type of catechism for her and her fellow non-Catholics. But I may be wrong about that.

    I hope things work out well for both of you. I’m praying.


  2. Visiting from SOC Sunday and wow, my heart feels your heart. I have been a religious person, still have a strong faith and love all things spiritual but the people? Not so much… (ouch, that hurts even saying it, hearing it via my typed fingers.) I am sure your daughter will have a grand school experience, though. My thoughts are with you!! (In the old days I would have said something like ‘I’ll be praying for ya!’) Oh, well.

  3. Liz Henry says:

    Religion was something that we did to cover our asses and then my dad found faith, my mom found Oprah, and that was that. I’m of the Good People religion, which is oddly quite Christian. Obviously you read my Jesus posts and the Kid is a convert, but I support her. I also support myself opening her eyes to other viewpoints. I always ask her to question, think critically. She’s always I KNOW MOM! but whatevs, if I have to deal with her praying and crosses, then she can handle my: well, you know Jesus was probably more like a prophet. Bee will do well and thrive; she has you as an example. That’s how I deal with lots and lots of trials and tribulations that arise from parenting and, well, the world.

  4. FadraN says:

    We need to sit down sometime and talk about religion. I march to a different beat. I grew up in a born again spirit-filled type environment and found it so full of hypocrites. So I decided to find my own way. I’m totally confident in what I believe and it’s not my job to convince anyone else of it.

    With that said, I just enrolled my son in a Lutheran preschool because I did NOT want him going to a Baptist preschool.

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