Look Better Naked

My motivation for working out was to look better naked and while I love my healthy lifestyle, I still want to Look Better Naked.

On Mindful Eating

Food, glorious food, Hot sausage and mustard! While we’re in the mood… Cold jelly and custard!   Since dating and now combining homes with The Librarian, I have found that my relationship with food is changing. Instead of treating the eating of food as something to be judged and mostly judged as a negative thing, food is now something to be appreciated and enjoy….

#JustBeAwesome Beach Body Challenge from Sweat Fitness

SWEAT Fitness, Philadelphia’s premier fitness club with eight convenient locations throughout the region, is excited to announce the launch of their #JustBeAwesome, Beach Body Challenge. This 28-day wellness challenge is all about providing participants EVERY single tool they need to #JustBeAwesome in time for summer. “So many clients this time of year come to us looking for quick solutions to…

5 Reasons to Wear Your Race Shirt and Rock Your Race

The Broad Street Run is in few days and while I am not racing (bah to the lottery folk who did not pick my name!) I have still been working (a bit) on getting my wogs in and excited for my friends who are running. Today an article appeared in one of my groups and between the eye rolling and teeth sucking…

The 30 Day Arm Challenge #FlexForFitness

A few weeks ago I took a class at the Philly Circus School and realized two truths: I have little confidence especially when it comes to the trapeze I have little to no upper body strength. The whole time I struggled with that little bar I simultaneously berated myself for not being stronger and challenged myself to remember this feeling…

Back on Track: April Fitness Goals

Tonight marks one year that I have been a participant in that weight loss study. The group is slightly smaller; we lost about four people since that first meeting and there were a few missing members due to sickness and scheduling conflicts but it was good to see everyone who showed up in real life and get caught up with our group leaders….

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