The Other “F” Word

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One thing I have experienced with working out and taking cooking classes is a new appreciation of food. Food is fuel for my body but also fuel for my soul and made for enjoyment. Food does not have to be qualified as “good” or “bad.” My change in style of meals does not have to be called “diet” and the word “no” can be replaced with “not yet.

When this article from Ragen Chastain popped up on Facebook all of the progress I think I am making in terms of food and eating while female and fat seemed to grind to a halt. Existing in a world where I am not only thinking about what is on my plate so that I can eat for health, I need to think about how I look eating, wonder what someone will think if I do indeed order dessert, after smashing through a basket of bread and having two sodas.

I could blame “the world” for being so conditioned to think thin is best, to think women should look a certain way and to police anyone who dares not be ashamed of not looking a certain way. The world is also me. I find myself judging people who are just living their lives, people freely enjoying food and meals without all of the weight the baggage that I drag around. I’m envious of the freedom that these people have as they bite into a forkful of goodness.

Y’all…it’s exhausting being in my head.

Like with my running, I have decided to take eating one meal at a time. Trying recipes that will allow for flavor and enjoyment while addressing all of the dietary restrictions that my family has. I am going to practice mindful eating, enjoying eating and let the process flow.

Before I go…tell me: How do you all (do you all?) deal with the negative thoughts and voices in your head? If you are one of the fortunate people who do not have these thoughts, tell me your ways!

Bon Appetit!


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