Philadelphia Distance Run

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In which I become an ambassador for the Philadelphia Distance Run!

The PDR team asked me to be on the team and I was all:


When I threw my hat into the ring to be a part of the first Philadelphia Distance Run Ambassador team, I was planning on doing the half. Two years ago I ran the half and was so stoked! I was able to run most of the race without stopping (save for a water stop) and was looking forward to doing it again.  

Sobbing at the finish line, in my lucky tights. I had to go to work right after so I missed the after party.


The Philadelphia Distance Run is a hybrid nonprofit/for profit event. The race is co-owned by Students Run Philly Style, a 501(c)(3) and they are also the official race beneficiary meaning they receive a portion of both pre-profit dollars and post-profit dollars. The for-profit entity of PDR is made up of a collection of local runners who own The Philly 10K (I’m scheduled to run this but gotta see how the beans are doing), Philadelphia Runner (fave local store), Philly Run Fest (volunteer for this race if you’re able), and Runhouse.

All partners of the event are focused on using the PDR to increase accessibility in running to a broader, more diverse audience of Philadelphians and to reinvest in the local community

benefits local organization, “Students Run Philly Style.” You’ve probably seen them; the blue shirted teens running in local races. 

The team is great. There are familiar faces; a few runners from the groups I run with in the city and some new to me runners to get to know throughout the training.

Me and part of the PDR Team. See my lucky tights!

Things to know about the race: 

  • Flat and Fast (no sneaky hills like some other races…ahem)
  • Scenic (you’re running through Philly!)
  • 45th Year (it’s almost as old as me!)
  • Philly’s first Half Marathon (yo!)
  • Promoting inclusivity in distance running (I always feel like everyone is there to cheer for me!)
  • Led the industry in offering equal prize money to non-binary athletes (how amazing is this?!)

Still not convinced? Use my special code (rfagg) for 15% off of either distance. 

Still have doubts? Join us for a bridge run on Tuesday, July 11! Runs start at Yards Brewing Company and, weather permitting, you can join us for a run across Big Ben.

Happy running and see you on the bridge!



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