100 Days of Summer Something

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This time last year I had started training for my marathon and this year…I am not. In fact, I have not been running regularly; ever since I got Lt. Uhuru (aka a Peloton indoor bike) my workouts are at home via the bike and the programs that come with it. Knowing that this year’s marathon was coming, my plan was to use summer as a running reboot. “Was” I say because the renal disease I have turned into full blown kidney failure and my renal team has advised me to take it easy on runs and I am having some big feels.

Even though I spent most of winter and spring riding my bike and working out with Peloton, I feel some guilt about not getting up to do group runs. I had stopped running because after completing the marathon, it seemed that I no longer had to prove something to myself. I ran (wogged, walked) 26.2 miles and it did NOT take almost 8 hours. After completing last year’s marathon, the pressure was off so there were so many mornings that I slept in, cuddled with a cat and would choose to read or scroll social media before working out at home. The runs that I did do during the month were so few and far between that it felt like I was starting from day one and were a bit discouraging. I would be breathless and struggling and a 10K would turn into a 5K and then into just a mile or two. Now that I cannot run, I feel a mixture of FOMO, relief and a little sadness that I am not out there with my run groups making memories, grabbing a coffee and racking up the miles.

100 Days of Summer Something

So, after a mini pity party, in which many pints of vanilla chocolate chip ice cream were consumed, a new plan was formed. Instead of 100 Days of Summer Running were doing 100 Days of Summer Something.

July goals

  1. Continue working out but within the new guidelines. I can still, and will do, group runs but there will be more walking and wogging and no PRs. I am an ambassador for the Philadelphia Distance Run and will be team back of the pack completing the 5K.

  2. Working on a weight training program. What better time than now to actually do the programs that Peloton has? So far I have completed the Arms with Tunde and Core with Emma program and am working my way through the Better You with Ben Aldis. The gains feel slow; no Michelle Obama arms just yet, but today I was able to workout with 15 pounds and didn’t feel like a struggle.

  3. Yoga! I still can’t do a split but I can get off the floor without grunting and feeling like my back is protesting.


I have an appointment with my real team this month and at this appointment we will talk more about transplant and what activities, if any, I should limit. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and get the most out of this ole body. 

How’s your July? Any plans for races? Movement? Other?

Let me know!

Happy running, 





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