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The last few weeks at work have left my evenings feeling as if I have a lack of time and that I am rushing, rushing rushing. By the time I slink home I find that the dinner hour has passed and The Bee and I are scrounging through the fridge looking for something quick to eat before we begin the dance of bedtime. My mom has been very helpful making dinner but I feel as if I am taking advantage of her kindness by often relying on whatever she cooked. There re often days that dinner will come in a sack from the local fast food place leaving the feeling of a greasy rock sitting heavily in my stomach. So when I was challenged to the Bernoulli Make a Weeknight Special dinner I thought this would be a chance for a relaxing meal at home.

Despite best made plans this week has found me home later and later and the idea of a special meal almost seemed to fade. As luck would have it, I found myself host to two finicky and hungry kids on Friday and we decided that soup was what was for dinner.

We choose the Chicken and Rotini Pasta soup and paired it with French bread as suggested on the packaging. The packaging also notes that this is dinner for two but I was able to make a meal for myself, daughter and nephew without wanting more or feeling like I hadn’t had enough to eat. Preparing the soup was easy and within fifteen minutes we were sitting down to a home cooked meal.

 I enjoyed the soup. It was filling and flavorful and didn’t have the tinny taste that pre-cooked soups often have. The kids found that the soup was a bit spicy for their tastes but ate without too many complaints. The blend of vegetables were delicious and the pasta was chewy but not mushy or course.

It helped that the soyup was so easy to prpare. The kids were able to join in by gathering the dishes and utensils we would need and helping to slice the bread. Including clean up the whole meal prep was under and hour and we still had time to relax and enjoy an evening of games.

Complete nutritional information can be found on the website but I will note that our meal of soup and bread was a total of
Soup: 290
Bread: 81
Tea (me): 0 Soda (kids): 150
For a total of 371 for me and 521 for the kids. If we had our normal night of pizza I would have had at least 596 calories for two slices and The Bee would have had 384 for her tomato pie with pepperoni.

I will definitely buy Bertolli’s again. The price at my local market was less than what I would have spent on a night of fast food and again, the meal was quick and easy to prepare. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the Bertolli website and plug in your zip code to find a place near you that sells the soup and have your own weeknight challenge.


  r’s note: Disclaimer: I received the above product for free in exchange for participating in the Weeknight dinner challenge. The opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by any third party. I also recieved additional compensation for participating in the challenge and this has not and will not influence my opinion reflected on this or future blog entries.


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