How to Seuss When You Don’t Want To

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Or: It’s Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. Big Deal.

I am probably committing six forms of literary blasphemy but I’ll say it anyway: Dr. Seuss is highly overrated. His books are way too long for read alouds, not as whimsical as they assume they are and quite frankly, and my own Rachee thing, they always scare the crap out of me. Shudder! If I had my choice I would totally bypass Seuss and go for another author but alas, there are movies, television shows and a damn day dedicated to Seuss.  Read Across America is this week and I have to take me out of it and create what they, the people, want. And, for some God forsaken reason, they want Seuss.


How to Seuss when you don’t want to:


1. Realize that all of your Dr. Seuss books are being requested and are not on the shelves. Look at the calendar and notice Read Across America is soon.
Accompanying action: groan and moan because this inevitably means someone will ask you when the very Seuss storytime you are trying to avoid will take place. 

2. Panic because, although you don’t like Seuss, there is a demand that needs to be addressed (see above). Call library friend who will listen to your whine/rant about Seuss.
Accompanying action: roll and suck your teeth because friend will wax excitedly about how and why they loooove them some Seuss.

Getting Seussed – the people have spoken

1. Look for Seuss books in home library and read them with little cousin or that random library kid asking for a story. Recall the library friends who does Seuss and does him well.

Accompanying fruitless action: Attempt to find notes from Seuss ideas that you really, really, really liked but give up because that thing you lost last week has been found and needs your attention. 

2. Re-read Seuss and realize that it’s not really as long as you remember and that Thing 1 and Thing 2 are actually kind of cute.

Accompanying action: Shudder when the return of the creepy feeling that you always get when looking at Seuss hits you. 

3. Troll the web and Pinterest for Seuss ideas.
Accompanying action: Get caught up pinning stuff things that is so not Seuss related. Recall the original goal and look for wackiness. 

Seuss themed storytime/program (or something to make you feel like its your idea):

1.Get ready to read and realize that the books you pulled to the side are either home (remember you took them home when you wanted to re-read them…again), checked out or a page or two is ripped out.

Accompanying action: throw a hissy

2. Find books that follow the spirit of Seuss and review those. Realize these are much, much better and add them to the line-up.

Accompanying action: breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to read that long ass The Cat in the Hat book.

3. Read and enjoy.

Accompanying action: big smiles and knock down hugs from kids who are so excited to be wearing paper bow ties and red and white paper hats. Collect loads and loads of Seuss stuff and think that Seuss may not be as bad as you once thought. Recall that Seuss is not your fave and dutifully hang Seuss decorations and vow to never Seuss again.

4. Plan for next year cause it never, ever ends.

OK. So the “you” was totally me BUT if you are not a Seuss fan then you can be you too! (Hey! I inadvertently Seussed myself!). This week I am going to Seuss it like no one’s business even though I don’t wanna. There may or may not be a red and white hat involved. There *will* be some Grinchiness going on. Cause, ya know.


A stunning self portrait of me when I have to Seuss.

Getting ready to moo,


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  1. Too funny. I do like Dr. Seuss, but oddly enough my kids don’t. Like seriously, have you ever met a pair of kids who don’t like Dr. Seuss? It’s not right.

  2. Kim Delatorre says:

    Haha! Me and the kids love Dr. Seuss. Brings back such fond memories for me as a child!

  3. Too funny! I am a Seuss fan but totally chuckled at your post. I highly admire the man for his rhyming prowess. I tried to write a Seuss-like poem one time, and it was disturbingly challenging.

  4. Rachael says:

    I love Dr. Seuss. I enjoy reading the books to my grandkids.

  5. Jaime says:

    Haha. So funny. I actually do like Dr. Seuss. My son hasn’t gotten into the books yet (he’s 2 and prefers Clifford.) But one day I think he might like things like One Fish, Two Fish.

  6. Mandy Young Carter says:

    Ha! I have always enjoyed Dr Seuss. But my little boy hates just about any Seuss book.

  7. LOL! You're too funny! I love (and always have loved) Dr Seuss, but I know you're not alone in your feelings.

  8. Shell Feis says:

    I didn’t get the appeal as a kid, but my son LOVES Seuss books and giggles all the time while I read them so I get it now.

  9. Toni says:

    LOL this is a great post. I Have loved Suess books as long as I can remember. My boys didn’t get into them too much but my daughter did!

  10. Tracey says:

    Great post! I really love Dr Seuss and there are some great quotes!

  11. You made me laugh a lot! Just like the Grinch, you realized that there is more to Dr. Suess than you thought!

  12. I sold many of my childrens’ books after they got older, but the Dr. Seuss collection remains right here in the closet! I love it!

  13. Jenni Polly Eaves says:

    This post cracked me upppp! I've never been a huge Seuss fan, but I do love me some Grinch. Yess, indeedy! I could watch the original and the Jim Carrey version weekly. We have celebrated alot this week though because they had Dr. Seuss week at school all week. Little man went in PJ's one day and then today he wore his Lorax T-shirt. I even made Cat in the Hat Waffles and some Kabobs. Mercy.

  14. Alissa says:

    You’re too funny. And I have to agree. Dr. Seuss… not my favorite books, in general. The crafts, though? Those I can get into!

  15. I’ve actually never read Dr. Seuss before. My mother didn’t like Dr. Seuss so she made me skip those 🙂

  16. Amanda Her says:

    Haha…I loved the “Getting Seussed”! My son loves Dr. Seuss books, but I don’t like reading them all the time. Some can be real tongue-twisters!

  17. HAHAHA! I guess not everyone can love Dr Seuss. I agree though- some of the books are WAY too long to be read aloud.

  18. Oooo no, I loved Dr. Seuss, like I LOVED all of the books! Oh well 😉

  19. Janel says:

    LOL! I get lost in pinterest and it sounds exactly like you wrote it! I love the Dr. Seuss books, though. I don’t go crazy for the day, but I think it’s fun.

  20. Ashley M says:

    While I can’t agree with your opinion, I love that you’re going to do it anyway 🙂

  21. Eliz Frank says:

    I’m with you on Seussing okay? It sounds great and works with the right idea around books. Plus it’s close to that other work — suss. 😉

  22. My husband just wrote a book about Seuss too

  23. Jenn says:

    I can’t even comprehend why someone would not like Dr. Seuss. I don’t even know what to say!

  24. Aimee says:

    This post made me laugh even though I don’t agree with you!I feel this way about Star Wars, I don’t understand all the hype!

  25. April says:

    Awww we love Dr Seuss. Such fun little books that have great messages. Great post!

  26. Krystal says:

    Too funny! I had seen your comments on another blog post about how Seuss wasn’t your favorite, and I stumbled upon this one! Happy Seuss DAY!

  27. Cute post 🙂 I actually do like Dr. Seuss, but I don’t recall reading it much as a child. I did love receiving the requisite “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” for my HS graduation, though. My daughter just received her first Seuss book, too; it was a gift for her 3rd birthday on Saturday!

  28. Kecia says:

    I think my son chooses Dr. Seuss books at bedtime just for the length. What better way to go to bed than to stall with a 50-page book first, yes?

  29. My kids actually do not even know much about Dr. Seuss! I guess I am a bad mommy and should gets them some Seuss Books!

  30. Stefani says:

    I have always been a fan of Dr. Seuss. I had the whole collection of books when I was a child and made sure my kids had them too!

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