This Means War

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When I was a wee bonny lass and BOYS started to be more than icky creatures I used to think it would be a bit romantic to have two men fighting over me. As I got older and realized that soap opera staged fights for love were not the real life messy events that actually happen I was happy when one dude found me hot. Deep down in my secret of secret thoughts the idea of two guys digging Rachee and dueling for my honor would be creepy and demented but kinda sweet. Enter McG’s This Means War and my teen fantasy is played out on the big screen although in this version the two hot guys fighting over the girl violate several constitutional rights in an effort to “get the girl”.

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, as FDR and Tuck respectively, are best friends and secret agents. After botching a mission they are placed on desk duty which seems to mean that they have lots and lots of free time to visit relatives and talk about their dating lives. This prompts Tuck to consider online dating as he searches for Ms. Right and he finds it in Reese Witherspoon’s Lauren Scott. Lauren Scott is a Consumer Research Product tester who can’t find Mr. Right but can read the Hell out of data and charts. She is constantly running in to her douchey ex boyfriend (who finds the need to flaunt his cute new girlfriend during each encounter) and after complaining to her best friend (played with crusty zeal by Chelsea Handler) is set up on a date with Tom Hardy (who is smoking hot and could read me the phone book!). A chance meeting with Chris Pine’s FDR means that Lauren has gone from a dating slump to having two hot beaus and the fun starts.

There is a subplot about Tuck’s ex wife and his son and the little matter of the bad guy, some Russian, that they are after but who cares when cars explode and we get to see Reese’s cute shoes?

Now here are my thoughts: In an effort to determine which person Lauren likes best the guys don’t ask her. No! They bug her house in a really creepy way. As Lauren dances to Montell Williams (apparently this movie could only get R&B from 1999 and earlier) the guys are deftly sneaking in and out of her house to plant bugs and devices to monitor what she is doing.

Chelsea Handler plays Chelsea Handler and is funny. I don’t always get why Chelsea gets so much play but she was really funny as the friend who says the shit you think but don’t necessarily say.

Angela Bassett looks good! She was the boss, which is her new thing as she was also the boss in the Green Lantern movie. Her bit was small but dang! I want to look like her in ten years, after twins.

Tom Hardy is HAWT! He was fantastic in Warrior and is s fine actor but yeah…He was fine, yes. He’s just fine.

The action was fun, total McG. Like The Charlie’s Angels movies I think this movie was all about the explosions, the incredible fight scenes and the witty(ish) banter. Since the movie was all about two spies using all of their skills that they would normally use to capture bad guys to get a girl I guess my complaining about the plot isn’t really necessary?

The movie was fun and I would probably check it again when it’s out on video simply because of Tom Hardy but for now it gets my totally unscientific but works for me rating of matinee with no popcorn.

Below is the trailer, see for yourself the hotness that is Tom Hardy oh and what the film is about.

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