April Run Goals

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The first three months of 2021 flew by! I had all of the plans to document my running and resuming writing on this space but *waves vaguely at everything.* (I know I always cop out with *waves vaguely at everything* but there are some things I just don’t want to share right now and may in the future.)

Anywho, the first part of 2020 I was beginning to train for a few upcoming races but then the pandemic hit and to say that it was tumultuous, unknown time is an understatement. One thing that I did to counter the unknown was to run. Part of my running was to continue training for the races that I hopeful would still happen. Most of the runs were relief for the stress from work, anxiety about family things and just a way to buck the system a bit and be outside. 

This year I find myself dealing with the stress at work a bit better and leaning into the chaos that is family. However, I am finding that my running, while still soothing, has been a struggle. Last month I missed runs due to the weather, some issues with my blood pressure, and of course, my old friend, “Idonwanna.” I did complete a 50k, which was half of what I did in 2020, and while proud of that number, I know that I should be getting more runs in so that I can be ready for the Spring races.

April goals:

75 miles for the month
The gym has reopened and even though I hate running with my gaiter/mask, I can get about 3 miles on the treadmill before I’m over it. 

Complete the Virtual Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K in under 2 hours. 
This would put me at a 12:49 pace and I’m good with this. Last year I completed the run in 2:17:11 with a 13:42 pace. There was a lot of walking and there probably will be a lot of walking this year. My goal is to complete the run and finish strong. 

Start practicing yoga again
I’m not sure why I stopped my nightly routine. It was an ideal way to end the day and transition into bedtime. Plus the running injuries I was suffering through were starting to ease up. I felt a little twinge in my left leg and I know that it’s because of my half-assed stretching. 

Hydrate more
At work I am constantly refilling my water bottle (we’re fancy; we have filtered water!) but at home I struggle to finish one glass of water. When it was cold, I was drinking so much tea and that I felt like I was hydrating but I add way too much sugar to make it beneficial. Maybe a a reminder on my watch will encourage me to get a little more H2O in me.

Post a weekly run re-cap. 
I noticed that several of the Bibrave team members do a weekly recap and I am digging that idea. I do post on Instagram (I’m there as @sayitrahshay if you’re inclined to give a follow) but I could also share here. I may be shouting to the wind but I like looking back at my progress.

This is a good list to start. Stop by each week for the Rachee Rundown (I do love my alliteration!) and happy running!




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