This is 21

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The Bee recently turned 21. It’s still shocking to me that I have a full on adult child. Not in the sense of “ohmahgah I’m old” but more like “someone thought *I* was responsible enough to be a parent.


Being a mom is one was a struggle for me. It was such a abrupt change in my life that I had difficulty being Mom instead of Rachee but the more I got to experience that little person who I was blessed with as a child, the more I realized that it’s work for sure but also a beautiful wonderful experience that I was lucky to have.

It has been a pleasure watching The Bee grow and learn. She’s smart and can be thoughtful. She can be kind and is lovely. She can be a piece of work that leaves me wondering, “who raised you?!” but it’s been good.

More later. I’m having a Fiddler on the Roof moment as I wonder where is the little girl I carried.


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