Thoughtful Tuesdays: Troy Davis

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r’s note: Please excuse my rantings and disjointed thoughts.

This morning a patron asked me if I had heard that Troy David was denied clemency.
“Who?” I responded because I really didn’t know. She gave me a look of pity, shook her head and advised me to go look him up. As I took to my social media sites and google I learned of a man that has been denied his last appeal and will face death tomorrow. Back in 1989 Troy was accused of shooting and killing off duty police officer Mark MacPhail and for the last 22 years he has been proclaiming his innocence. There was no physical evidence, 7 of the 9 original witnesses  have since recanted their statements and there has been doubt all around.

Reading about the case I am saddened for the man who lost his life and equally saddened for the man about to lose his life as well as their families who have had to suffer. I am also a tad annoyed and feel let down with my sources and resources for news. Thinking about the headlines that have filtered through my social media streams (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo to name a few) and also my beloved NPR I can tell you all about Chaz Bono making a splash on Dancing With the Stars, Ron Artest changing his name to something stupid, the plight of poor Black Women (we can’t find a man) and other things that are important (no jobs, schools on strike) . Where was this story? There is a woman missing in Aruba that is getting much airplay and the hikers jailed in Iran. Where was the story of Troy?

It bothers me that for as far as our country has progressed a man who’s case has reasonable doubt is still scheduled to be executed. And yet I know more about baby bumps, Sarah Palin’s interacial premarital hook up and other things that suddenly seem so superfluous and silly.


I am not a praying woman but tomorrow I will pray that some miracle will be there to give peace to the family of Officer MacPhail, to the family of Troy Davis and for everyone touched by such a horrible event.



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  1. Brandi says:

    I felt the same way yesterday. I have been a bit unplugged, but even on my news alerts on my phone…nothing about Troy Davis. It’s sad, and scary, to consider what happens when the system fails to provide fair and equal justice.

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