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April is Poetry Month and I have been wanting to make a magnetic board for a while. That plan wasn’t to be  however I found this pin from Pinterest and decided that I would create movable poetry instead.

So I gathered supplies

  • Felt
  • Scissors 
  • Hot Glue Gun (not shown)
  • Cardboard (not shown)
  • Construction Paper
  • Sharpie

And set out to replicate that pin.
For the words I used this poetry link from 3rd Grade Lexi via Teachers Pay Teachers. I enlarged the words so that smaller children could better handle them.

I recruited a volunteer and we got to cutting and gluing.
First we had to go through scraps of felt that we had left over from other crafting projects.

Then we glued the words to construction paper. I reasoned this would give the words a little more support since they were not laminated.

 The words: original size and the ones enlarged

This is the (not so) pretty back drop. Sadly I had not understood the wonders of felt/flannel and had to use some crumpled pieces for my board. I mounted this on cardboard so that I could have a sturdy surface for people to handle.

 After MANY hours of cutting and gluing we came up with this:

A tween created the Poetry Corner page and we used black tiles to give directions.

The words are familiar to most of the children but so far I have observed families creating poems instead of children being left solo. The felt makes it easy for each word to attach and if one goes missing it’s not too much trouble to replace a word if

If you do this:
Make sure you have lots of felt in the same colors. We had scraps and used what we could. The scarps were scrunched and bent and it took a little time to straighten it out.

Also, make sure you have sharp scissors. The felt was tough to cut.

This is a very long craft. and this took more time than I would have liked.
I started it Friday, around 11:30 and still had more words to cut by 5:45. I will recruit more help in the future mid morning and was not finished by 5: PM. Plus I had a second cutter complete the work the next week.

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