Running into December

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After so many months of “I have to run,” choosing when and where to run, running when I want feels pretty good. I have been sleeping in (win) and going out a little later for runs. I spoke with the renal team who encourages me to run but also encourages me to not try for PRs (Miss Ma’ams…what even?!). As the year ends, I am just trying to keep up with somewhat of a routine (at least 10 miles a week) and I have continued with yoga/stretching. 

I am going to kiss my goals this month. Kiss meaning “Keep it Simple Sister”. It’s the end of the year, I’ve got assignments to do, holiday celebrations to celebrate and ain’t nobody got time for a whole lotta stuff. 

December goals

  • Recap the two races I completed. I want to write about my marathon (I ran a motha truckin’ marathon!) and the Schuylkill River Race that I completed before the month is up.  
  • Add weight training to my routine. During one of the long runs, I was chatting with K about weight training, and she suggested I add one day a week. She gave me a few YouTube recs and so far, I have had a good workout. 
  • Continue with stretching. I’ve even convinced The Librarian to join me on some evenings!
  • Join a holiday run. Last year I wasn’t able to make the runs to see the holiday lights but new job and new schedule means I’m going out this year!

Simple goals for this December!

I am working on a project for 2023. Not resolutions but a run related project. More about that soon. 

Have a great 


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