Real Men Wear Double Crochet

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When I first started crocheting I realized several things after completing my first piece:

  1. if I change hooks while working the piece, the stitch changes with it
  2. that an ultra tight beginning chain will lead to a screwy first row
  3. I don’t like using crochet terms (but have begrudgingly become familiar with them so that I can follow the directions)
  4. I know how to make scarves.

Lots of them.

A plethora of them.

Everyone from Pop to The Bee (although she never seems to have one) to the secretary at The Bee’s school has a scarf crafted by me. I have a variety of skinny scarves that I had made for myself. I have moved on to hats, a (cast aside) bag, and a (failed) sweater.

Sadly, the people in my life possessing a Y chromosome tend to get the short end of the crafting stick. When its time to give a gift, I really, really, really want to create something for them but alas! My hook only seems to be familiar with light pastel, decidedly feminine colors (Why DO I have so much pale purple and yellow in my stash?) and the males are relegated to the gift gotten from a trip to the mall (or Targey in a pinch).

Enter Drew Emborsky, a.k.a. The Crochet Dude. Drew is a dude who, well crochets. I love his back story: during a snow day his brothers and sisters so irritated his mother she made them all learn to knit and crochet. Now he is doing his thing. And getting paid.

Gotta love America.

Well, as a crocheter, I have searched for a pattern to make for those with a Y chromosome. There is never really anything other than the basket stitch that looks masculine. Drew’s new book, The Crochet Dude’s Designs for Guys, is a book with 30 projects that men are supposed to love.

For my money, I am digging the hat and scarf (natch) featured on the cover (although the colors suck). Since I am trying not to make anymore scarves (too easy) I decided to tackle the Dawg. It’s a hoodie that looks comfy and roomy. It also looks possible. I tend to start many a project however I never seem to finish. Even though Drew designed these for men, I like it for me. (we’ll see)

I also like the Calvarium Skullcap, but that could be because the model is fine (RDRR).

Drew’s patterns seem doable, possible and fun. They also will require a lot of yarn. The pattern I was looking at calls for 12 skeins! This calls for a trip to a yarn store with a sales bin.

When I showed a few friends the book, I was (wait for it) asked (wait for it) for (wait for it): a scarf.

Happy Hooking!


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