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Last week I took my Lily to be fixed. Through a generous promotion offered by the Borough of Lansdowne, Animal Friends of Lansdowne and The Spayed Club I was able to drop her for same day surgery.

Lily had been pretty yowly and quite jumpy. She would attack any visitors to our house and on more than one occasion has pounced on myself or The Bee while we read books or watched a movie. And the yowling…sheesh! The lusty mournful yowls would wake me as I attempted to sleep or make me jump when she would begin.

My friend Dotti and my co-worker The Yarn Whisperer had been harassing me about getting Lily checked out. I knew it had to be done but I would put it off making excuses or just time didn’t permit. With this deal, volunteers would transport the animals to and from the clinic and all I had to do was get a carrier (thank you AFL) and bring my money and the cat.

I was fraught with anxiety. Effin Guy and I went to dinner the night before and he patiently listened to all of my crazy cat woman stories. When I got home I became that cat person and took the time to gently explain to Liliana what was going to happen and allowing her to get away with attacking my feet all night.

The next day after loading up Lily, two of her favorite toys and a trip to Buffy’s, I headed to the Lansdowne Fire Station to drop off Lily. All of the cats there meowed and cried except for my Lily who hissed and spat at all of the other cats. I petted her and whispered another few words of encouragement and left her to the trusted hands of AFL volunteers.

All went well. The Spay Club has a live feed in which owners could see what the progress of their pets. I swear I saw Lily as she came out of anesthesia. Of course my cat was the only one not cooperating.
When I picked her up I was given discharge instructions which included not letting her walk the steps and not letting her jump. Lily slept a lot over the next few days but is back to her normal self attacking me and The Bee and being the anti-Visa: Everywhere she is not supposed to be.

I am thankful to the Borough of Lansdowne, Animal Friends of Lansdowne and The Spayed Club. They were kind, patient and care very much for the animals. Thanks all!

Lily hissing!

AFL volunteers

Spotti Dotti

Liz, the Spay Club administrator

Fran loading the kitties

Bad, bad kitty!

Lily back at home

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  1. Lillian says:

    I love feisty kitties! At least to a point. They still need to learn proper kitty etiquette. Your story about Lily (she carries the name well, since that is my name too => ) reminds me of one of my daughters’ kitties. Extra feisty!

    You will be glad you got her spayed. It may take time, but she will settle down. She may never be the totally calm cat because that isn’t her catonality, but she will settle down some.

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