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Lately I’m all about lists.
Lists to pull me out of that funk that I’ve been lingering in.
Lists to try and get stuff together as we hurtle towards summer and a little thing I call “Ahhhh!”
There is something so satisfying about a list. You can cross things off to show that it’s done, it’s (in theory) a way to keep things in order and lists always represnted something  that I was working towards.
Which is why I was stoked to see this blog meme/hop/tour (it’s really is all of them!) hosted by Stasha, from The Good Life, and FINALLY be able to link up.

This week, Ten Words to Describe Home

  1. Messy (As I type I’m pretending not to notice the three baskets of laundry I’ve been folding all day)
  2. Yarn (I am ashamed to say that I have yarn everywhere)
  3. Shoes (The Bee and I wear the same pairs of shoes daily yet they cover many more places  than they should)
  4. Cat (Cause Lil is like the anti-Visa…everywhere I don’t want her to be!)
  5. Water Ice (We keep what seems to be an endless supply)
  6. Comfortable (The couch has some awesome butt grooves)
  7. Progressive (It’s a work in progress as we STILL move in. Two years later.)
  8. Freedom (I’ve lived with someone all of my life. This house is my first time living alone)
  9. Loud (Neighbors, the prowling neighborhood cats, those motorbikes ripping back and forth through the street)
  10. Loaded (We‘ve got a lot of stuff. I need to work on that)

Source: etsy.com via Rachée on Pinterest

What words describe your home?



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