Look Better Naked

My motivation for working out was to look better naked and while I love my healthy lifestyle, I still want to Look Better Naked.

Running Out of a Rut

I find myself in a rut: running and life.

July Running – Check In

For the month of July my running goal is 76 miles. Last month I was successfully able to reach 70 miles so I feel confident that I can add in six more miles to reach that goal.

The Other “F” Word

I could blame “the world” for being so conditioned to think thin is best, to think women should look a certain way and to police anyone who dares not be ashamed of not looking a certain way. The world is also me.

Run Girl

Running sometimes sucks but I would not give this up is for anything.

Black Girls RUN

It was not until late May, when I attended Book Expo, that I had that “click” moment that made me “be” about it and not just “talk” about it.

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