Look Better Naked

My motivation for working out was to look better naked and while I love my healthy lifestyle, I still want to Look Better Naked.

Can I get a six pack?

Ouch!Started exercising again.Not the I am a runner, yet I never run, gym rat who never goes to the gym, type of routine. No. I have scheduled a time, made necessary strategies and steps to make it happen.  Months ago my friend Greg helped me come up with a workout that is designed to help me get back into the groove, slooooowly…

The Ugly Truth

It was a dreary day.It was a hectic day.It was a day of truth.Today I weighed myself for the first time in months and boy oh boy! Denial is NOT a river in Egypt*. In order to perform this act of foolishness I locked myself into the bathroom and turned the water on, cause running water would obviously have some affect…

Day one…now what?

All weight loss plans I have read, and golly knows I’ve read a lot, tell me that I should start with a call to my doctor before I begin. Dutifully I have done just that and…the chick who answered the form casually announced that the next appointment is for April 25, 2011.Huh?I love my doctor but that’s ridiculous!Part of me…

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